U.S. & International Franchise Services

We are experts in world-wide export solutions for US-based franchises – partnering with over 30 major brands. Working closely with both the US-based franchise and the franchisee, our team facilitates all aspects of food exports, from the initial specification of the correct product through to on-time arrival, import documentation, and customs clearing. We understand the franchisee’s need for consistency across the supply chain, especially for on time arrival and correctly specified food items.

Our thirty-five plus years of experience with our partner countries ensures a high level of accuracy with import documentation and clearing. As sales can fluctuate, we also provide help with urgent shipments.

We also understand the importance of cost in the supply chain and as a family business, we are able to offer flexible pricing structures.

Our franchises and franchisees see us as valued partners and know that we are in the export business for the long-term.

We handle the process from beginning to end:

• Sourcing and Ensuring correctly product specifications
• Managing Product Shelf-Life
• Correct product labeling
• Consolidation
• Shipping & Export Logistics & Documentation
• Terms
• On-time solutions (including air and/or urgent)

If You Need Retail Chain Management Solutions, We Are Available For You.

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