Tawfig Chihade, the founder and CEO of Chihade International, began in the food business as a regional manager for RJR and then moved on to Hunt’s before starting Chihade International in 1979.

While the company started off as mainly retail, we have since grown steadily and now provide supply chain expertise in the Franchise, Consolidation, Protein and Foodservice markets.

Our extensive history has given us a deep understanding of all aspects of exporting food and supply chain management. From purchasing to shelf-life needs, from labeling and dating requirements to specific country regulations, we utilize our expertise and knowledge of the intricacies of goods export in order to ensure that our customers’ expectations are exceeded.

Chihade International’s diverse employees also understand the unique ways of doing business for all of our partner countries and are experts in navigating the complex worlds of international. We incorporate connect cultures as part of our business model and look to align the needs of all of our customers, vendors, and partners.

Why Chihade International, Inc.?

There are only a handful of companies specializing in the consolidation and exporting of product– but why pick Chihade?

• Chihade International, Inc. is a family business with a commitment to the long-term horizon – we are not after one quick sale.
• Our customers, vendors and partners are our friends and we treat them that way.
• 35+ years of experience
• Fast and easy problem resolution
• Flexible financing of orders
• Experts in beef and other products we sell
• Over 300 vendors for goods sourcing
• Authority on exporting food products
• Excellent reputation

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