Our mission at Chihade International, Inc. is simple: to facilitate outstanding international supply chain management for our customers, vendors, and partners.

We do this by utilizing our 35+ year history and expertise, in-depth product knowledge, cultural awareness, efficient and effective warehousing, logistics, documentation, and a deep understanding of all aspects of exporting food products around the globe.

Our customers, vendors and partners are our friends – many of them have doing business with us since we started in 1979 – and we treat them as part of our family. A diverse group, they include US-based restaurant franchises and their overseas franchisees, US beef and poultry suppliers, major US manufacturers and their distributors, smaller organic and specialty producers, and specialized distributors and supermarkets chains.

The result of our relationships and the trust we have built over 35+ years is quality, value, timeliness and commitment to the longevity of our business together.

Exemplary Customer Service

Chihade International Inc.’s employees care deeply about our customers and are the source of the company’s lauded customer service:

• Dedication
• Know-how and expertise
• Focus on details
• Years of experience
• Low turn over
• Understanding of the urgency of work

If You Need Any Management Solution, We Are Available For You.

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